What We Do

Photo 30-04-2018, 12 54 40What we do
Hertfordshire Asian Women’s Association (HAWA) was founded in 2008 after coming away from its sister organisation, UK Asian Women Conference- Herts Branch

Our Aim at HAWA is to work closely at the local level for Asian women, women from the Black and Minority Ethnic Community and to work with women from all backgrounds.

Our work is primarily based in the St Albans City and District area and in the future we hope to branch out to the rest of Hertfordshire.

HAWA is an independent organisation which has no religious, national or political affiliations; membership is therefore open to all women over the age of 16 years.

Our Objectives:
Our objectives are to promote Education, Employment, Training as well as Guidance. We strive to work towards the advancement of women and promote human rights and gender equalities through the following:To inform, advise and involve BAME Women on issues that affect them.

  • To undertake a programme of activities to meet the needs of  Women; arrange professional trainers to facilitate empowerment training, to all members and outside bodies or organisations working towards the aims and objectives.
  • To work towards a society based on the principles of social justice, equal rights and opportunities for all.
  • To support the claim of every citizen to the right to enjoy basic civil rights and freedom.
  • To value each and every members contribution.
  • To enable Women to take an effective part in the development of their day to day lives in the United Kingdom.
  • HAWA is a platform for women to voice their opinions to statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • To obtain and provide advice to  women on education, health, employment, housing, welfare, domestic violence, forced marriage, gender equality and any other issues that discriminate women in the UK.
  • To enable women to develop their self-confidence, enable them to seek knowledge through education, voluntary work and gain skills in their chosen areas.